Stop Collecting.

Start Connecting.

This online training that will help you turn strangers into customers on Facebook and Instagram WITHOUT ever being spammy, badgering, bothering, or overtly "salesy."

Here's what you will learn:

The key principles of connective marketing , 🤝💕 what it is and how it works

How to find people, break the ice, and build genuine relationships using a proven organic marketing strategy


Introduction to paid advertising ( ads )  from a connective marketing perspective. Where do they fit in?  ( Beginner's Ad Strategy ) 


If you're tired of being stuck in the "talking to nobody" and just going through the motions of endlessly collecting people with no sales, then this is the training for for you!

I'll share with you my roadmap of how I have been selling my creative services to complete strangers through intentional ( but sincere ) community powered marketing techniques for over 10 years!


👉 Warning: This training will help you become INCREDIBLY visible with the Facebook algorithm. Show up to your personal network and reach more people with your content.


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"This lady knows her stuff! Brandie gives straight advice with NO Fillers or Fluff. If you want to know how to get on track, follow her and the group! Engage, engage, rinse and repeat!"

Dave Irons

"I really appreciate Brandie's Creative New Wave style and her direct no nonsense approach to marketing. She doesn’t mind spilling the beans on everything and the content strategies, tips and advice she shares for free is some of the best I have come across on the net…..she deserves to have a Rocking client base!!"
Dean Hopkins

"Brandie always has the best tips for getting your brand noticed in social media. I love her sense of humor and direct approach. She rocks!

Rivkah Krasnoff


"I love that Brandie is open, honest and very transparent. She might call you on your crap but I promise it will help you build a better business!" 

Heather Woodward

"Brandie is the go to person for Organic Social Media reach! She has incredible energy and excellent advice! Unstoppable!"

Janet Bow


"Fabolous woman- speaking up, sharing the most perfect tricks just like that- for free...Im so gratefull for knowing her- shes a gift for small and big ideas to come true🖒- isn't that amazing with people like that?" 

Karina J. Geneser

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Meet The BP in BP Creative Marketing Strategies

Brandie has been in the online marketing "space" since 2011. She started her career as a freelancer providing a variety of creative services. Her decade of experience in content writing, funnel design, and Facebook ads makes Brandie a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to building, launching and successfully selling your products and services using digital advertising her applied knowledge and diverse experience gives you a competitive advantage! There are very few people like Brandie Peters who talk the talk and walk the walk. If you are looking for a marketer who has tangible experience, executing the fundamentals that everyone talks about, then you've landed!

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