This is an easy to follow 5 day challenge that teaches service providers and experts such as consultants and coaches how to capture, engage and intentionally manage their business leads.

Over 5 days you will be introduced to a proven strategy that focuses on moving interest ( opt-ins on your freebie or email list ) to committed conversations where you can sell!

This challenge is perfectly designed to push business owners ( experts and service providers specifically ) outside of their comfort zone and inspire them to truly engage with their most valuable leads.

If you are a business operator in desperate need of some momentum then this is THE EXACT 5 day challenge for you to jump into.

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Let Us Build You A Facebook Group! Automate the growth of your Facebook™ group with a Facebook™ Ad! Get the right people into your community. Be supported with proven tools and resources to keep your community alive and thriving!


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This is an 8 week class where we teach you step-by-step how to create a high-converting, low cost per lead, interactive lead magnet for your business. You’ll be instructed and assisted through each step as you strategize, draft, create, install and launch your own quiz funnel. PLUS as a bonus you will be expertly guided through the process of creating your own test spread ad campaign to find the right audience using Facebook Ads! By the end of the 8 classes you will have a working quiz campaign, up and running - generating you low cost leads, automatically for less than $5 a day in ad spend.

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