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Automate the growth of your Facebook group with a Facebook Ad! Get the right people into your community. Be supported with proven tools and resources to keep your community alive and thriving!


There is no denying that a group can be a fantastic way to build awareness and authority for your business.

However, as you may have noticed not all Facebook groups are created equal.

For every active and engaged Facebook group, where the admin is clearly “killing it!” with a community powered marketing strategy - there are hundreds of groups that are seriously just graveyards of broken dreams.


Nobody posts. Nobody engages.

And despite the best efforts of the admin to grow their community, not very many people join.


If you have ever tried to build a group of your own, then you already know how difficult it is to not only build one ( get members ) but also get people interacting.

Many business owners start out strong with their group doe-eyed and optimistic,  but then later end up abandoning their community because it feels so hard to get traction.


But what if there was a way to build your group on autopilot so that it attracts new members every day as well as engages those members so that they stick around long enough to become loyal customers.


How good would it feel to ACTUALLY have new people lining up to join your group WITHOUT needing to send out mass invites to your friend list or fish inside of other people’s group like everyone else.

How inspiring would it be to build a community that is EXCITED to be there, are eagerly participating, and are naturally warmed to your offer because of the fantastic welcoming environment that you create?

An effortlessly growing, active, and converting community is possible.

Here at BP we have a proven process for building and nurturing Facebook groups that is different from the other “group building tactics” that you’ll find.

When we build Facebook groups for our clients we DO NOT recommend:

❌ Clicking “invite all” to invite your friends and family 

❌ Fishing in other people’s communities for members

❌ Partaking in “join for join” exchanges with other business owners

❌ Sending out cold DM’s soliciting people to “join your group”

RATHER, the strategy that we use to build groups is the one that is the most appropriate for strategic marketing, using your Business Page, Instagram profile and a simple Facebook Ad Strategy ( with just a modest budget of $2-$5 a day ) to build for you a “niche interest” Facebook group!


👉 We're talking about a consistently growing community where all of your members have voluntarily joined because they are TRULY interested in the subject matter of the community and are MORE likely to become customers for your business.

Here’s how it works:

 Step #1: Identify an appropriate audience for your group that makes sense with what you offer ( who are you selling to? 

Step #2: Create a group growth ad campaign; this is a Facebook Ad strategy that targets the desired audience and funnels them into your community

Step #3: Follow our “group engagement” building strategy, using memes, questions, and discussion prompts to build interaction amongst your community members.

Step #4: Build authority as the group host, promote your offers and make sales to your community as it grows and more people join.

Watch us grow a niche’ interest Facebook group from 0-1000 members in just 9 days using this EXACT strategy!

Show Me How You Do It!

Here is what is included:

☆ A Facebook Group Growth Ad Campaign Installed into Your Ads Manager and Managed by Us to Automate The Growth of Your Group ( One Time ) 

☆ Access to Our Group Growth Accelerator Members Area Full Of Resources and Training to Help You Engage Your Community

☆ Private FB Group for Accelerator Members For Support 

☆ 4 Exclusive Group Strategy Trainings to Help Build, Nurture and Convert Your Group Audience

☆ 300 Ice Breaking Post Prompts

☆ Group Tools and Training ( 1 New Training Added Each Month ) 

So Excited. I totally want in!

"Brandie and her team helped increase traffic to my website and grow our facebook group and email list. She’s great at targeting customers and making sure your ads get in front of the right people." - Courtney ( Nurses Avenue )

"Brandie is an ads wizard and meme creatrix. She's really unlocked the secret to ads results with a reasonable budget. Not only is she super knowledgeable with all things funnel marketing she's revolutionized our digital strategy, automating things we wasted so much time and money on in the past. Can't recommend her enough!" - Meghan ( Shevolve

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Brandie on increasing my email subscribers through two big launches through social media. I am pleased to say that I have a thriving email list of over 2k subscribers thanks to her expertise! Brandie is great to work with and is always prompt to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend Brandie’s services!" - Melissa ( Redcliff Bakery 

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Brandie Peters and her team at BP are experts at drawing out content to support your brand to accelerate using her attention to detail to create a converting sales funnel. I started with Brandie and she had my funnel up and running within 3 weeks of our journey. What I love about Brandie is her creative ideas using lead magnets, her brilliant quiz and how she can support you with group growth strategies. Her wide range of knowledge with running ads, ad spend, split testing and her ability to target your audience makes her and BP Creative a company you want to work with!- Joan( Joan Robison 

Join The Group Growth Accelerator!

$299/a month for 3 months


🏆  Special Bonus: 1 Time Group Growth Ad Installed Into Your Own FB Ads Manager, Managed and Optimized by Our Adstronaut Team

  • Access to the members only area with group growth resources including 300 ice breaking post prompts
  • Access to our group high engagement low maintenance group management strategy
  • Private FB group for daily support + Q&A
  • Live training taught 1 time per month

    Join today pay $299 monthly ( for minimum of 3 months ) total investment of $897. *Does not include your ad spend. You will need to spend a minimum of $2 dollars per day for consistent growth. 

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