Stop going through the motions of endlessly building your list and start giving each potential customer the T.L.C. they deserve so that you can hear YES to your offers more often!

Yes, you can do this even with a small list and zero-techy know-how!!!


This is an easy to follow 5 day challenge that teaches service providers and experts such as consultants and coaches how to capture, engage and intentionally manage their business leads.

Over 5 days you will be introduced to a proven strategy that focuses on moving interest ( opt-ins on your freebie or email list ) to committed conversations where you can sell!

This challenge is perfectly designed to push business owners ( experts and service providers specifically ) outside of their comfort zone and inspire them to truly engage with their most valuable leads.

If you are a business operator in desperate need of some momentum then this is THE EXACT 5 day challenge for you to jump into.


to Put The Momentum Back Into Your Passion Business!

For each day you will be provided with:

A short ( 15 - 30 minute ) instructional video teaching the strategy

An activity with prompts to get you thinking critically about your business.

An action step to get you moving - executing these steps will be vital!

We promise that if you follow this process by day 5 YOU WILL have conversations happening with qualified customers or we will fully refund you.

"This challenge is designed to help business owners, who have been going through the motions of collecting people by building their social media following and email marketing list but not taking action to connect with the people whose attention they are capturing or moving them into committed conversations where they can sell.

This challenge teaches you a system for following up with and managing your leads so that you are actually able to generate an ROI from the time and money you are investing in capturing them."


The "Love Your Leads" Challenge is For You If...

❤ You already know how important it is to build an audience and grow your list BUT you have been stuck in the audience building phase for some time! 

❤ You’ve been sustaining yourself on the dopamine hits of grabbing new engagement, followers and email list subscribers - but aren’t really generating a lot of business from your efforts. 

❤ You DESPERATELY want to improve your habits and actually get some qualified calendar bookings. 

❤ You’re ready, willing, and prepared to step outside of your comfort zone - BUT would really like a clear and easy to understand system for lead nurture to follow.

Listen, getting a new follower or email list opt-in can feel great, but you know what feels even better. ACTUAL SALES.

….And if you truly want your business to GROW and stop wasting your time mucking around in FB groups, playing the like for like - follow for follow game, or endlessly producing content to no return then you NEED to start LOVING YOUR LEADS.

The reason WHY so many business owners get caught up in the “list building” phase is because they don’t actually know HOW to move someone from vaguely interested ( an opt-in ) to a qualified and active lead.

What they need , more than engagements, likes, and followers, is a process to turn the people whose attention they are working so hard to acquire into valuable connections whom they have the ability to sell to.

Yes, there is a step AFTER “opt-in” that you can connect in a REAL WAY with potential, qualified customers, and get them excited to buy from you.

In this 5 day challenge we are going to lay it all out there with a 5-step, easy to follow process that you can duplicate daily, creating a sustainable lead nurture and follow up routine.

Imagine a world, where your calendar was booked full of discovery conversations with pre-qualified leads who are truly excited to speak to you about your offer.

No more spending your time collecting people like Pokemon cards, but instead focusing on building meaningful, connection driven relationships that will expand your network and your net-worth.

So Excited. I totally want in!

❤ Day 1 - What is a lead?

Understanding how to vet and qualify your leads so that you don’t waste your time!

Activity - use our prompts to help you identify who your “ideal customer” is so you know who to look for and pursue as a valuable lead.

Action - you will be clarifying your lead qualifiers and determining where to look for your leads.

❤ Day 2 - Finding Leads

Now that you know who you are looking for , we will be going through the process for finding the right people. 

Activity - you’ll learn how to sort your leads from cold ( needs nurture ) , semi-warm ( has some trust ), and warm ( trusts and ready to buy )

Action - you’ll actually BUILD your lead list for the challenge ( 16 leads minimum ) these are the people that you will be starting conversations with and trying to convert during the next 3 days of the challenge!

❤ Day 3 - From Conversation To Conversion

Day 3 you will learn how to manage conversations via DM or Email in order to get a commitment ( calendar booking ) from your leads.

Activity - Creating conversation pillars! These are landmarks in the conversation that will allow you to organically get to the end goal , a face-to-face call where you can sell. Instead of being overtly spammy or jumping right in with a cold pitch, you’ll create a customizable script for yourself based on active listening, that will assure that your leads always feel loved by you!

Action - You'll be having conversations with your lead lists and practicing your new conversational sales strategy!

❤ Day 4 - Managing Your Leads

Now that you have a system and some practice, you will be learning how to turn everything from day 1,2,3 into a systematic process that works for you.

Activity - Creating your own process! Using everything that you have learned and achieved to create your own daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly process for lead management.

Action - On this 4th day of the challenge you will be pushed to move all of your initiated lead conversations into either a committed call. You will evaluate the success of your lead follow up throughout the challenge and use this to inform your strategy plan going forward.

❤ Day 5 - Automated Leads

Challenge days 1-4 taught you how to handle your leads with love. On Day 5 we are going to teach you how to go out and get more of them. We will talk about two methods: organic and paid advertising as well as the pros and cons.

Activity - On day 5 you will be introduced to capturing leads automatically.

You will also be walked through how to get yourself “ads ready” so that you can also start experimenting with lead generation using paid ads.

Action - You will post a fishing post to attract your ideal customers and apply everything that you learned day #1-#4 to start a conversation with them.

Okay! I am In.

"Brandie and her team helped increase traffic to my website and grow our email list. She’s  great at targeting customers and making sure your ads get in front of the right people." - Courtney ( Nurses Avenue )

"Brandie is an ads wizard and meme creatrix. She's really unlocked the secret to ads results with a reasonable budget. Not only is she super knowledgeable with all things funnel marketing she's revolutionized our digital strategy, automating things we wasted so much time and money on in the past. Can't recommend her enough!" - Meghan ( Shevolve

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Brandie on increasing my email subscribers through two big launches through social media. I am pleased to say that I have a thriving email list of over 2k subscribers thanks to her expertise! Brandie is great to work with and is always prompt to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend Brandie’s services!" - Melissa ( Redcliff Bakery 

Take this Challenge  

  • Learn and practice a consistent lead follow up process

  • Learn how to qualify leads so that you don’t waste your time chasing down the wrong people

  • Create your own routine for lead generation and follow up that is time efficient

  • Truly understand what it takes to turn a cold lead to a warm lead

  • Learn how to have connective and progressing conversations that lead to committed calendar bookings to discuss your offer

  • Learn how to use social media effectively to find quality leads, not quantity

  • Stomp out bad , unproductive social media marketing habits and list building behaviours so that you aren’t stuck in the same place day after day

  • Connect with others who are taking the same challenge, get feedback and advice as you work through the process for the first time!


Plus These Bonuses:

+ Email outreach templates that you can adapt and turn into your own

+ Google Drive Worksheets for each activity that you can copy and work directly in for each challenge day ( 5 total ) 

+ Tool and resources that will help you be successful 

+ Private FB Group to get feedback and support!

Are you ready to stop trying to execute on half-baked strategies for generating customers on social media and actually take your own business and offer seriously?

Yah, i just called you out ...

The Love Your Leads challenge IS NOT a system of invasive and spammy copy-and-paste prompts that don’t work, and will actually turn potential customers off.

Instead what we have put together is a strategic process based on what has worked for ourselves and our clients to help them turn “opt-ins” into committed conversations and committed conversations into conversions.

What You Will Need To Participate in This Challenge??

1. A business offer / service to market
This challenge was created with service providers, experts such as consultants and coaches in mind

2. A place to collect emails and contact details ( CRM ) Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Kajabi etc. 

3. A lead magnet resource with functional opt-in linking to your CRM

4. An appointment booking system: example Calendly

I am Ready To Love My Leads! ❤ Sign Me Up!

Price - ONE TIME - $89

+ Video Lessons ( 5 total ) 
+ Worksheets ( 4 total )
+ "Challenge" Actions for You To Take ( 4 total ) 

- Email / Message Templates for Lead Outreach ( 7 Total ) 

& Private FB Group
To ask questions and get support!

How to Access:
Everything is already inside of the Challenge Portal in Kajabi, it will be dripped to you over 5 days with day #1 readily available. ( You will need to create a Kajabi login ) 

After you sign up you will get a link to a private FB group as well for anyone else who is doing the challenge.

Bonuses are also inside of the portal and available when they come up in the training series!

❤❤❤ I am In! ❤❤❤


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