This is an 8 week class where we teach you step-by-step how to create a high-converting, low cost per lead, interactive lead magnet for your business. You’ll be instructed and assisted through each step as you strategize, draft, create, install and launch your own quiz funnel. PLUS as a bonus you will be expertly guided through the process of creating your own test spread ad campaign to find the right audience using Facebook Ads! By the end of the 8 classes you will have a working quiz campaign, up and running - generating you low cost leads, automatically for less than $5 a day in ad spend.


Starts January 7th 2022

Learn how to grow your email marketing list, with high quality - perfect-fit leads using our signature interactactive ( quiz ) lead magnet funnel strategy!

Learn The Quiz Powered List  Accelerator Strategy

This process is designed to specifically help people who are frustrated with the poor results they are getting from their current “old school” lead magnet, and who are tired of paying a lot of money on ads just to grow their list. 

So, you have a lead magnet BUT nobody ever opts in for it and when they do they are not responsive and do not complete your funnel.

Lead magnet freebies are no new thing! Over the years people have been bombarded with free PDF downloadables, video training, email series, and webinars - nobody is amused anymore. If you want to capture interest and build your list with a lead magnet you need to offer something new and different. Interactive lead magnets work great because they are fun to do 


Imagine capturing new relevant to your business leads onto your list EVERY DAY effortlessly , and these people DO complete your funnel actually landing on your offer!

With this technique you could be enjoying regular - low cost, consistent list growth, without having to stomach high lead costs constantly.

>> Stop the madness of paying $6, $12, even $30 dollars to capture a single person’s contact details. With a quiz lead magnet you can expect relevant leads to range from cents, to below $3.

>> The quiz that you create with us will not just grow your list but also sort your leads from ideal-to least ideal fit for your business so you know who to warm and nurture.

>> No missing pieces! Finally a functioning, complete funnel, with onboarding email sequence and fantastic sales page so that you can clearly communicate what is for sale.

>> Take brand new to you cold audience people to WARM, EXCITED and ENGAGED with a unique strategy that will allow you stand out amongst your competitors and show that YOU ARE the real deal.

This 8 Week Series of Live Classes Takes You Through The Step-By-Step Process So That You Can Build and Launch Your Own Quiz Funnel Using Our Proven Techniques!

Full Curriculum Below:
Cannot tune in live? 

Don't Worry!

You will get all replays day of and have access to the same level of support with feedback on all of your materials.

Week #1 - Strategy Understanding


  • What is your offer?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What type of quiz should you create?

 Date Jan 14th, 2022
10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Week #2 - Content Creation PART 1


  • Writing your quiz personas
  • Writing your quiz questions
  • Writing your offer ( sales page ) 
  • How to use the BP Quiz funnel templates for easy content creation

Date Jan 21st, 2022
10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Week #3 - Content Creation PART 2


  • Writing your email automations ( onboarding sequence ) 
  • Writing your opt-in enticement blurb
  • How to use the BP Email Automation templates for easy content creation

Date Jan 28st, 2022
10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Week #4 - Content Feedback & Finalization


  • Going over the content that you have written and getting feedback
  • Q&A


1 Week Break to Go Over Submitted Content 


  • We will review your work
  • Provide you with individualized notes to make improvements
  • Get all of your content complete and ready for install!

Date Feb 4th 2022
10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Week #5 - Introduction to Quiz Funnel Strategy + Tech Tools


  • Overview of complete technical set up 
  • Email automations
  • Landing page for opt-ins
  • Facebook Ads
  • Quiz tool ( Typeform ) 
  • Sales page

    Date Feb 11th, 2022
    10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Week #6 - Installing Your Quiz  

  • A step by step on how to install your quiz content from start to finish

    Date Feb 18th, 2022
    10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST


Week #7 - Installing Your Landing Page , Sales Page & Email Automations


  • A step by step on how to install and design your pages
  • A step by step on how to set up your email automations
  • Testing the flow of your funnel
  • Installing your pixel and event testing
  • A step by step on how to install your quiz content

    Date Feb 25th, 2022
    10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Week #8 -  Creating Your Ad Audience Test Spread


  • Creating your audiences
  • Installing your ad campaigns
  • Monitoring your ads ( what to look for ) 
  • Q&A

Date March 4th, 2022
10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

Bonus Week #9 - Wrap up Get Together


  • How are your ads performing?
  • What have you learned? Full Strategy Review
  • Success and troubleshooting
  • Additional Q&A

Date March 11th 2022
10 am MST / 9am PST / 12PM EST

ALL THIS PLUS two bonus trainings

#1 Bonus

How to grow your Facebook group as well as your list using your own quiz lead magnet.

#2 Bonus

Organic techniques for growing your list ( no ad spend needed ) with a quiz lead magnet

If you are still in D.I.Y mode when it comes to your online marketing but would like to learn a list building strategy that works to grab low cost leads and be baby-stepped into the world of ads then this is for you!


You’ll be fully supported and provided with in-depth strategic explanations so that you’ll have a complete understanding of how your funnel works and why.

Have access to templates and proven working examples so that you can see exactly what a successful interactive quiz funnel looks like and functions when working, so you won’t be guessing at any point during the build.


We have successfully built and executed dozens of quiz lead magnet funnels and we will be providing you with all of the needed step-by-steps, along with functioning examples so that you can be clear and focused throughout the entire process.

It is about MORE than just capturing emails onto your list. From day 1 we will work with you to refine your offer so that the audience you build and the product or service that you promote makes sense inside of the funnel. After all you want the people who take your quiz to be excited to buy from you and understand fully who you are, what you are about, by time they have gone through your entire sequence.


Let us help you figure out a great offer ( that will sell ) to put at the end of your quiz funnel! We will support you in the big picture strategy that is required to turn new leads into happy customers! through an automated funneling process!


This is for you if...

You want to grow your audience and email marketing list so that you can find more customers but so far, other list building techniques you have tried have led to lacklustre results.

You’re no stranger to having to DIY your own marketing content but are looking for someone to give you some guidance on current strategy that works so that you can stop wasting your time.

Learn How to Build A Quiz Funnel in 8 Weeks



  • 2 Teachers ( 1 strategist & ads expert,  1 experienced six-figure course seller and online business coach ) you’re in good hands!

  •  8 Weeks of Live Classes, plus 1 bonus follow up to see how your ads are doing

  •  Submit your work, get feedback on your quiz content, sales page and emails.

  •  2 Bonus Trainings: to help you have success long-term

  •  Writing Templates:

    - quiz template
    - sales page template
    - email automation template

  •  Access to Proven Working Examples ( 12+ Examples Total for You to See )

  • Tech set-up instructive tutorials for Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Funnel Gorgeous, Squarespace and Wordpress! BRING YOUR OWN TECH SET-UP 


    You’ll be learning with a group of others and being supported inside of a community all with similar goals

    + Be guided and encouraged to fully execute on a working funnel strategy, with accountability built right in PERFECT if you have struggled to complete non-guided courses before.

    + We care about your outcome! Join us on this journey and we will work to assure that you get the results you are after and are excited about the finished product that YOU CREATE.


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