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Sales Copywriting Template!

This is a simple template that you can use as a writing exercise that will help you compose your product or service offer landing page copy.

👉 This is the EXACT sales copy template we use at BP to help our clients get more conversions on their offers when running their Facebook and Instagram ads! ðŸš€

✔️ Short video explaining exercise
✔️Google drive doc copy of the template that you can that you can write in
✔️ Access to two examples of template and the resulting end copy to use as inspiration!

How it works
1. ) Sign up with name and email.

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3.) Click the link and make a copy , it will load directly in your Google Drive so that you can type in the template and get started!

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"This was AWSOME!"


"This template was so helpful and came just at the right time as I was just working on my sales page! I can't believe this was free! Thank you so much!!"


"I love it!"

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Brandie has been in the online marketing "space" since 2011. She started her career as a freelancer providing a variety of creative services. Her decade of experience in content writing, funnel design, and Facebook ads makes Brandie a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to building, launching and successfully selling your products and services using digital advertising her applied knowledge and diverse experience gives you a competitive advantage! There are very few people like Brandie Peters who talk the talk and walk the walk. If you are looking for a marketer who has tangible experience, executing the fundamentals that everyone talks about, then you've landed!


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